The Future of NFTs

Powerful. Versatile. Purpose-built to enable
next-gen blockchain economies.

Buy, Sell, Mint NFTs

A marketplace for everyone: gamers, artists, collectors, buidlers, creators, enthusiasts.

Smart NFTs that scale infinitely. Fast, cheap transactions. All part of an ecosystem that naturally rewards you for holding and bidding on NFTs.

Trading NFTs shouldn’t be hard work. We're here to make it effortless and fun.

The Home of NFT Games

Cross-game items are real. How do we know?

Because we’ve built them already.

Enjin is powering an ecosystem of games that talk to each other. The time you spend in one is respected in another.

Buy and sell your game NFTs through Ethereum supported at launch, with Efinity integration to follow.

The Future of NFTs

The future is cross-chain.

Only one NFT marketplace is positioned to let you mint, trade, buy, and sell across different Layer 1s and the entire Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem.

Hold your NFTs in a wallet on Efinity while having easy access to staking platforms. Reach across chains to place bids on tokens. Bids organically earn rewards for price discovery.

The future of NFTs is simple, with all of the complexities taken care of for you—as it should be.

Free NFTs Every Week

Who doesn’t love a free drop?

Enjin regularly gives away NFTs—and so will artists and partners of!

Bookmark this page when we launch for the chance to grab a free NFT every week.

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NFT Education

What's an NFT? How does it work? How can you create one?

We’ll be answering these questions and more for both Ethereum and Polkadot NFTs.

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We have an all-new logo design, and an all-new N-Chip to go with it. The N-Chip is an access NFT, your key to using before launch.

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Grab Special Prelaunch NFTs

A limited number of prelaunch NFTs are up for grabs. But these aren't your normal NFTs...

Spread the word about to build points and increase your NFT level. These will serve a special purpose in our beta so stay tuned!

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Each independently-developed planet within the Entropia Universe will release its first NFT here on These NFTs will also hatch into in-game companions!

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